Friday, June 17, 2011

Ayman Ben Ubaid (RA)- Martyr of Hunain

Ayman Bin Ubaid - The Martyr Of Hunain (1)

Ayman was the son of Umme Ayman, the wet nurse of the Holy Prophet, and was the brother of Usama son of Zaid (adopted son of the Holy Prophet), on his mother's side. In the pre-Islamic period Umme Ayman had married 'Ubaid bin Amarah of Ethiopia and had moved to Madina from Mecca with her husband. Zaid was born to her at Madina. When her husband died, she returned to Mecca.

Ayman was a staunch Muslim who gave his life for the sake of Islam whilst fighting in the Battle of Hunain. When most of the Muslims were panic-stricken in the Battle of Hunain and fled from the battle-ground, Ayman Ibn 'Ubaid was one of the eight people, including Imam Ali and 'Abbas, uncle of the Holy Prophet, to stand steadfast with the Prophet. He fell down and died, a martyr in fighting for Islam in this battle.

However, the Muslims finally won this battle and after it was over 'Abbas bin 'Abdul Muttalib, one of the uncles of the Holy Prophet, composed couplets praising the bravery and steadfastness shown by Ayman bin 'ubaid and saluting his martyrdom. (2) Ayman bin 'Ubaid was a shepherd and he also looked after the eight milk-goats of the Holy Prophet.

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(2) Al-Isti'ab by Abul Bir.

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