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Yasir- The Martyr of Khaibar

Yasir- The Martyr of Khaibar (1)

Yasir was a slave of a Jew named Kamir and lived at Khaibar. He used to look after the sheep of his master. During the time the Muslim army laid siege on some on some of the forts of Khaibar, Yasir approached the Prophet and asked him to explain to him about Islam. The Holy Prophet enlightened him on Islam and he became a Muslim.

Yasir, on becoming a Muslim, joined the Muslim army but he was worried about his responsibility to look after his master's sheep. He therefore asked the Prophet, 'What shall I do with these sheep whose master has entrusted them to me and are under my care!?' The Holy Prophet replied, 'Turn their faces towards the house of their master and before long they will have got to him'.

So Yasir took a handful of earth and hurled it at the faces of the sheep saying, 'Turn you all back to your master. By Allah, I shall not be back with you.' At this all the sheep, without any herdsman, moved back into the fort where their master lived. It seemed as if some invisible shepherd was guiding them.

Yasir then joined the Muslim army and died a martyr's death whilst fighting. He was hit by a large stone flung from one of the forts to which the Muslims had laid seige. The Holy Prophet rushed to his sacred dead body and personally shrouded him and performed his burial ceremony. At his funeral the Prophet said, 'With him now are the celestial-brides as his wives.'

Thus Islam bestowed upon him a three-fold honour; he became a man of supernatural powers, he achieved martyrdom and recieved celestial-brides to look after him in heaven. (2)

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