Saturday, June 18, 2011

Yasir (RA)- Man of Prayers

Yasir- A Man of Prayers (1)

This Yasir was one of the servants of the Holy Prophet. He looked after the Prophet's ten milk-camels.

His abstinence from worldly pleasures, his piety and his deep attachment to prayers so impressed the Holy Prophet that he liberated him. He moved to a place called Hirah, where despite being free, he continued to look after the Prophet's camels which were kept there.

Some men from the tribe of Umayyah came to the Prophet and accepted Islam. They were all suffering from the effects of malnutrition and their bellies were swollen. The Prophet sent them to Yasir. They then drank the milk from the camels and after some their stomachs returned to the usual size.

What a pity! When these people, having once recovered their health, thrust thin bars into Yasir's eyes and killed him. After his murder, Yasir's body was brought before the Holy Prophet at a place called quba, where he was eventually buried. (2)

1. Sima'i Tabnak-i Bilal

2. Usudul Ghabah, Vol. V.

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